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Roswell Woman's Club History

The Roswell Woman's Club (RWC) was organized in Spring 1948 by a group of 30 women. Mrs. Granger Hansell was elected as the Club's first President, and among the five other original officers was Mrs. George Polatty, who remains a member of the Club today.

By September 1948, the Club was well established and proud of its 138 charter members. Meetings were held the second Tuesday of the month, usually at the Health Center. They hosted interesting programs on topics such as education, gardening, and facts about Georgia.

In December 1949, Mrs. Hansell, still President, opened her gracious and charming antebellum home, Mimosa Hall, to host a musical benefit for the Club. The event featured sacred music and Christmas carols presented by Mr. Howard C. Smith Jr. and the Carolers of Atlanta.

The RWC went on to host benefit bridge parties and fashion shows to raise money. The Club also contributed to the construction of the Community Building near the Water Tower by donating fieldstone to build the massive eleven-foot fireplace. Members also made draperies and furnished some of the kitchen appliances.

The Club became inactive from 1960 to early 1965, but by the spring of 1965 a small group of ladies, including some members of the prior RWC, met to organize another club. During the first few years of operation, the population growth in the Roswell area was too limited to warrant federating the club. In addition, the members varied in age and enjoyed the differences of opinion and exchange of ideas that dynamic afforded. It was decided to remain a single unit rather than participate in a state or national organization. As a result, the efforts of the Club have focused exclusively on the betterment of the Roswell and Greater North Fulton community.

The “new” RWC was incorporated on November 21, 1973 and obtained its status as an IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1979.

Our Accomplishments

Thanks to the efforts and dedication of RWC members, cultural interests have been promoted in Roswell throughout the years, signified by the founding of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance and the Roswell Historical Society in the early 1970’s. Prior to the formation of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance, the RWC sponsored art shows and receptions to honor local artists, which were held in the (former) Roswell Bank building. The Roswell Fine Arts Alliance assumed this function when they obtained a location of their own in 1971.

The organization of an historical society began with Emily Dolvin acting as Chairperson. The Roswell Historical Society was officially established on October 28, 1971. This now strong and active organization helps to preserve the history and historical treasures of Roswell.

Through the perseverance and dedication of women like Dorothy Spier, Ruby Ezzard, and Emily Dolvin, arrangements were made for prominent speakers to come to Roswell to discuss historic preservation. These authorities included Dr. William Murtaugh, Director of the National Registry of Historic Places, Mary Jewett and William Mitchell of the Georgia Historical Commission Atlanta, and James T. Anderson of Marietta.

Our Club Today

The RWC has always encouraged its members to take active interests in local and national politics. There are committees within the Club through which its members may express themselves and influence political events.

The Club continues to stand for high ideals. New, creative ideas flow from its members, helping to make Roswell and Greater North Fulton a better place for all. As they did in years past, RWC members continue today to enrich their own lives and, most importantly, thousands of other lives everyday through their dedication and contributions.