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Join Our Club

We are delighted that you are considering membership in the Roswell Woman’s Club. If you would like to know more, about us, please email us at


Roswell Woman’s Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Roswell Community Activity Building with the exception of the September and December luncheons (held in specially designed venues).

Prospective Member Requirements

  1. A prospective member must attend at least three general meetings before May 1. She must have resided in the Roswell area for a minimum of one year. A resident of the City of Roswell has preference over any other applicant.
  2. A prospective member must participate in the current year’s fundraising events.
  3. A prospective member must be sponsored in writing by an Active, Sustaining, Life or Honorary member. She must be co-sponsored by two additional members (one must be an Active member).
  4. Upon approval by the Board, the Membership Chairman shall notify the new member of her acceptance into Active membership prior to the Orientation Coffee.
  5. A prospective member must attend the Orientation Coffee and the May luncheon.
  6. Should a prospective member decide not to join the Club after attending the Orientation Coffee, she may have her name placed on the waiting list for the next year. Any paid dues will be forfeited.

Thank you for your interest

We hope you will join us for future meetings as we work to help our community.